Katie's details were dreamy with the getting ready location at Five Acre Farm which is just stunning it self. Along with her mum, soon to be SIL and bestie the girls got ready. Chad was busy filling in the morning with a run in the heat and then cleaning the beach up for their romantic ceremony. High tide was 4pm and the ceremony was set for 2pm, judging the distance from the shore line to set the chairs up was a dilemma but best to be safe then wet or so we thought!

15 guests in total, a sweet and glorious day. Temperature was reaching 30 degrees the beach was more occupied than we anticipated and the water looked rather inviting.

Some high tide waves nearly washing the cam corder away luckily dad to the rescue, a rouge dog come for a sniff and the seagulls thinking the rose petal confetti were snacks! All elements of the day making it one to remember.

Congratulations all round and we had some time before the larger gathering at the reception so we had some time to explore and capture some portraits and at that point the light changed and was amazing!